The Worst TV Show Cancellations

The worst TV show cancellations of all time? There are many, and so many belong to Fox not allowing their SciFi series a chance to grow. Some of these on my list were at least eventually given a mini-series or a movie to conclude or had the opportunity to finish up at the end of the season, but most were not. What do you think the worst TV show cancellations of all time were?

TV Fails

  • Firefly – At least we got Whedon’s “Serenity” to finish this one up.  Even so, Firefly is collectively regarded as one of if not the worst TV cancellations of all time.
  • The Sarah Connor Chronicles – This show was just picking up steam and finding its legs when it was abruptly canceled. The show does give you a little closure but also leaves things pretty open-ended. I’d sign up for a follow-up or sequel even after all these years. Lena Headey was on point as Sarah Connor.
  • Deadwood – Thankfully we just got “The Deadwood Movie” this year, but before that, it was always difficult to watch this incredible series and not have any closure at the end. The movie does a fantastic job of giving us that.Cancellations
  • Lie To Me – This show was smart and fun, featuring Tim Roth who is so over the top it’s ridiculous. Ridiculous fun. 3 seasons (or 2.5 I think) of good times, but you definitely wish it didn’t end.
  • Terra Nova – It was cheesy, over the top and some of the character’s hateful, but Stephen Lang and the dinosaurs were fantastic. There was a lot of potentials for this to develop, but it was never given the chance despite crazy hype before it came out.
  • Fringe – Of this list Fringe probably came out on top here. Its conclusion didn’t feel as abrupt as the rest of these I’ve mentioned. It also had started to get a little outrageous by its 5th season, but I would have watched for 5 more easily.
  • Angel got 5 seasons, but the network was so dodgy that the cancellation timing didn’t give enough wiggle room to adjust the narrative and though Joss has history of summing things up quickly if needs be in the end he left Angel pretty open-ended, which in some ways was cool, but also still feels like it needed more closure.
  • My So-Called Life – As popular as this was in my peer group it’s still shocking to me that it was canceled so abruptly. Even now the short-lived series still has a pretty intense cult following. It was melodrama at its teen angst best, but the show was edgy and ready to address material that TV just wasn’t ready for yet.
  • Dollhouse – Two seasons of this one, but like Firefly when revisiting it’s difficult not to just yearn for more. Joss Whedon was able to seal this one up in the last few episodes, but you can feel how rushed it was.canceled shows
  • Farscape – I came to the Farscape game well after the fact.  As bonkers as the show is, it’s also fantastic if you’re a SciFi junkie. This one gives you a movie to end its story as well.
  • Stargate Universe – This one was brutal to fans and the cast as some found out it was canceled via Twitter. It was a great mix of Stargate themes, but also with BSG kind of edge. Excellent writing and Robert Carlyle was phenomenal as “Rush”. The loss of this one still burns me.
  • Travelers – Another Brad Wright and Stargate production gig with a lot of our stars from that world were involved here and it is one of my favorite recent SciFi series. It’s a mostly cerebral and character-driven show, but after only 3 seasons Netflix gave it the can.
  • Almost Human – KARL URBAN…..this show was great! It had a ton of potential and I was excited for a new episode each week. Big mistake canceling this guy. I haven’t revisited it in years because I’m still so bitter that it was so brief.Cancellations
  • Caprica – On the fumes of BSG Caprica was HUGE. It was beautiful, interesting, dark and full of complex characters. Even though there was more style than substance at times, it was still a worthy spin-off.  Like the others here, it was canceled way too soon.
  • Third Watch – I had a thing for formula cop shows with other shows like “Brooklyn South” and “Southland” (also all canceled too soon), but I was obsessed with Third Watch. Cut short of what could have been a long-lived series this forgotten show still bums me out.

What do you think are the worst TV cancellations of all time?

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