Meet The Family

To know me is to know my family, the biggest driving force of my day to day life.  My “dragons” are pretty awesome and my husband is too.  So here’s some stuff that my kids, husband and cat do in this heavily male dominated abode.


My oldest son is Brosnan, Broz or Brozilla.  He may look like Walton Goggins in this photo, but he’s really only 16 and driving!  He’s a fellow gamer, mostly into FPS’s and Battle Royale style multiplayer games like Fortnite.  He live streams and is a very talented sniper.  You can add him on Xbox at his gamertag: x ColeTrain5 x .  He also enjoys cinema and TV like his Mom and has even taken to doing a little running and an OCR with me this past year.



Liam is also a gamer but he has a very different gaming style than Brosnan.  He is 13 and is a Minecraft and Nintendo guru that runs his own YouTube channel featuring walkthroughs, comic commentary, and even his own puppet shows.  He has an extremely creative mind and I expect to see him building his own games one day.  He’s pretty awesome.



My youngest son Adam is a toddler who is constantly going nonstop trying to keep up with all the big people in the house, but really we are all just trying to keep up with him.  He loves music, cars, vacuums, brushing his teeth and his big brothers.



My husband Mike is also my best friend.  He is into anything that involves electronics, also a gamer, loves fixing things (which is perfect because I constantly break things), has an RC car hobby, and is our home grill master.  His more laid back attitude is the perfect balance to my over thinking, over analyzing brain.

Mad Mardigan

Mad Mardigan is also known as “The Gray One”.  He is kind of the prince of the house.  He has an extremely exerting life of sleeping all day, trying to trip his family down the stairs, sleeping more, laying on people, watching squirrels, sleeping more and letting us all cuddle him regularly preferably while he is sleeping.  More on this extensive gray activity on his Facebook page if you’re interested.