Header’s Ratings

Typically people ask me what I’d “rate” a movie or a game after I’ve seen or played one, and my go to has always been the classic 5 star rating system.  Nothing shiny or magical about it.  Here is a list of movies, TV shows, games and books I’ve reviewed and rated.  Feel free to argue or send hate mail.  I can’t read anyway.

Movies, TV, Games, and Books

5 Stars

Mass Effect Trilogy (Revisited)

Witcher 3

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Toy Story 4


4 Stars

Black Mirror

Captain Marvel

Dragged Across Concrete

One Punch Man Season Two

3.5 Stars

The Orville: Season’s 1 & 2

Alita: Battle Angel

Always Be My Maybe

I Am Mother

2.5 Stars

Destination Wedding


1.5 Stars