Groups and Podcasts

Header and DeadpoolI make my way around multiple social media platforms on the regular.  I like finding little niche groups to talk about things I dig, support groups of encouragement, and fun stuff that makes me laugh.

I’m a frequent guest on friends podcasts and am the co-host of the MILFcast (aka Man, I Love Fun) which may be retired or on hiatus, we don’t really know.

So click any of the links below if you’re interested in joining the groups or want to give something a listen:

The Milfcast

The Lambcast

“Game of Thrones Support Group” Warning: This group is for deeply disturbed and obsessed fans that will be discussing spoilers, details of the books, and all of our theories.

“Headergard”  This is a haven to talk about all things that are science fiction and fantasy. Pick your medium, share your memes, share your own art, writing or create any topic you desire. This group is for the super nerdy in a common appreciation for these bad ass genres.

“Michigan Trail Running”  Michigan Trail Runners is a group of runners who enjoy spending time outdoors, running and hiking trails. We love meeting new folks who enjoy to run and hike Michigan trails as much as we do.