Quarantine: Day 2 – St. Paddy’s

Day 2 and my appointments have been canceled this week. St. Paddy’s day is canceled . San Francisco area has gone on 24-hour lock-down for 3 weeks, we are limited to groups of 10 people or less, and have been told this may continue through July or even August.

I am planning for this to continue for the inevitable future and I recommend everyone else does as well. Summer plans? Let’s squash them. Start a new “at home” routine and find ways to make your diet, fitness, work, and family routine roll together.

To-Do Lists and Regulated Time

I looked at my agenda for today and I have a 3 hour opening thanks for my eye doctor’s office closing and I’m going to use the opportunity to plan painting my kitchen and leave wiggle room for client requests. (There are a LOT right now) Make a daily “to-do” list if you don’t already to keep yourself on task and focused. And make a “start” time and “end” time for your workday as well.

The two oldest dragons are at their Dad’s house today, so this will seem like the most regular day of the week for me with just Adam. I’m avoiding shows or movies that are dark and turned on “The Rookie” to catch up on episodes there (Nathan Fillion power thugs!). I work more efficiently with background noise and multiple projects going at once. Yesterday I had “The Cars” radio on to lighten the mood. It helped.

Workouts and Maintaining Fitness

Two workouts planned today, which is an average Tuesday. Now would be a great time to develop some at-home workout routines. You don’t need expensive gym equipment to stay in shape. I have an elliptical machine and some basic weights and that’s all I use. And a heavy bag, because hitting things is great cardio, but also feels good. Getting that physical exertion is a great outlet for anxiety, frustration, or anger.

I have a healthy and light dinner planned with Salmon and I’ve been trying to utilize the perishables and keep the dragons out of the pantry and freezer as much as possible, and also monitor snacking. Once again, I’m just being precautious.

We Can Do This

I think as long as I can run outside a few days a week I’ll be okay. As the weather gets warmer it’s still okay to go outside as long as you aren’t in large groups, so do it. I cannot stress how helpful it is. Go for walks, sit on your porch. Breathe in our (semi) fresh air.

Good luck everyone on “Day 2” and Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

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