Quarantine: Day 1 of An Introvert

It is the first official Monday of social distancing and I’ve decided to keep a journal. As an expert introvert and someone that’s worked from home while managing multiple children for years, I do have some advice.

I’m starting my day by evaluating my situation:

  1.  Mike still has to go to work, in fact in Ohio to the GM plant in Toledo, which is irksome but not everyone is given the all-clear to stay home or being paid to stay home.
  2. I took my morning supplements in the morning instead of my night in the morning today. I’m already winning.
  3. Mard keeps meowing at me because he knows the one thing I didn’t buy was more cat litter. He underestimates my ability to order everything off Amazon.
  4. I will continue my day today as I always have. At home, working, cleaning, cooking, providing a happy life for my family and away from people.
  5. Dragons are permitted to sleep until 9 and then they begin their day of projects and reading.  
  6. I looked at my work agenda and am editing my schedule to be more flexible….for the week. I also get to remove “commute” time.

In seriousness, I won’t have extra time on my hands because this is already what I do plus two more people to take care of during the day. In a way, we’ve already put social distancing into effect years ago. We spend time together as a family, eat dinner together as a family, talk about our hobbies, read, exercise, play games and watch movies. My “busy” has always been my responsibility to keep this family connected. Our little nucleus will be able to shine.

For those that are struggling to be still without the outside worlds distractions here are some suggestions I highly recommend as a badass introvert (and personally enjoy):

  1. Reading……catch up on books you’ve wanted to start but never had the chance. Use the opportunity to expand your mind.
  2. Video Games….for us gamers we have stacks that we don’t have the time to touch and now it’s the only thing we can touch.
  3. Speaking of touching….this is a great time to touch your significant other…a lot.
  4. Eat dinner together and talk!
  5. Watch movies or TV shows you’ve always wanted to see.
  6. Get out the board games. I’m bringing up my chess board for Broz and me today.
  7. Puzzles. Magic puzzles.
  8. Take time to write, paint, or express your anxiety through one of your passions. It will be cathartic.
  9. EXERCISE. Get outside! We can go out, just not in large groups. Running, walking, cycling are all great options to get your body moving and some necessary fresh air.
  10. Limit social media time. There’s going to be a bigger draw to stay connected so we don’t miss anything, but while memes and chatting is a nice relief the other side is the panic and anxiety it causes. You can keep up with the news without scrolling FB or Twitter every 20 minutes.

I’m going to kill this work day and for my personal entertainment will continue reading “Lady of the Lake” and probably start a puzzle. Live that introvert life!

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