The Christmas and Holiday Edition

Christmas and the holiday season is officially on and what does this mean? Usually, last-minute shopping, rushing to decorate and all of the other activities that are suddenly in your face without much time to prepare. In the last 5 years, it’s been a pretty intense struggle to get much holiday movie viewing in. I have a stack of favorites that I want to watch each year and it seems the list of “watched” dwindles as each year becomes more hectic. This year shopping is already almost done, decorations are up and there will be no traveling or crazy extras in the mix.

This means I’m going to follow up on my “Spooktober” fest with a Christmas or holiday movie each day. The ultimate goal here will be to visit movies I’ve never seen, re-visit ones that it’s been longer than a decade or give some second chances to one’s I’ve hated. Just like Halloween, I’m hoping it helps me get back into the holiday spirit and perhaps enjoy my season a little bit more.

This past year my extra planning ahead and staying uber organized has made a lot of fun things that I love doing manageable. It probably sounds like a gigantic bore, but it’s given me the ability to do a lot of things I otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to with a pretty big plate of have-to’s in front of me all the time. So I’m excited to celebrate this year with one of my favorite past times. Watching movies!

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