Where Did All the Buddy Comedies Die?

Where did all the buddy comedies go? There are so many great things about the ’80s and 90’s buddy comedy programmers. For years it seemed like everywhere we looked a new comedy was coming out, but now they seem a dying breed of a once-great sub-genre. But where are they going? Movie snobbery hasn’t taken over because Transformer movies are still selling out and Rom Com’s still drop every few months.

Comedy is the genre I struggle most with even though it used to be a haven for me and it’s been a process. By my late teens, I decided Rom-Coms were mostly sexist bullshit moving women backward in time under the facade of women empowerment. Kevin Smith and Adam Sandler stopped making me laugh, and now with rare exceptions, the buddy comedies aren’t even around anymore.

buddy comedySuccesses

We’ve seen a few successful ones. “21 Jump Street” was way better than it had any business being. “The Other Guys” was fun though I haven’t revisited in years. “Pineapple Express” was funny. Most recently I’d probably note “The Disaster Artist”. How is it that paint by numbers comedies still exist but we don’t see buddy comedy flicks anymore?

The Hero’s

Wonderful examples are Romy and Michelle, Harold and Kumar, Men In Black, Dumb and Dumber, Tommy Boy, Step Brothers, Dude, Where’s My Car, Super Bad, Twins, Hot Fuzz, Bill and Ted, Three Amigos, Silver Streak, The Sweetest Thing, City Slickers, Blues Brothers, 48 Hours, and my personal favorite Wayne’s World. These are all classics in their own right and time has not taken it’s toll either.

buddy comedyLethal Weapon, Bad Boys and Beverly Hills Cop fall into the even smaller sub-genre “Buddy Cop”, but those have been dying off as well.


So what’s the reason for this? Is it an age thing? I’m in my late 30’s and the guys who were making me laugh aren’t making funny movies for the most part anymore. A lot are returning to their roots in stand up. Lately, if I want to chuckle I turn on a comedy show. I don’t know the reason. I don’t even have any reasonable theories.

buddy comedyMaybe their time is over. Maybe one day they’ll come back to us, but I miss them. My two favorite comedies are buddy comedies. “The Three Amigos” and “Wayne’s World” still make me belly laugh. Come back to us buddy comedies! Come home!

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