One Punch Man: Season 2

Finally got some access to Hulu and the first thing I watched was “One Punch Man” season 2.  My dragons introduced me to it sometime last year (when it was still on Netflix) and it’s fantastic.  My interest in anime and Asian influenced film is all over the place, which also gives me a unique perspective when it comes to anime and Asian cinema.


The first season deals mostly with Saitama addressing his desire to become a member of the Hero Association.  Even though he is easily the most all powerful Hero, his achievements are constantly getting passed over.  His power is simple: He’s One Punch Man.  One punch to destroy any enemy.  It doesn’t matter what their skill or powers are.

Season 2

Season actually is less about Saitama and more about Genos proving himself and a new villain developing named Garou.  Saitama is hanging out with the bummed out “King” who is sulking since he’s not really a hero, but he’s really great at video games.  Saitama is not.  There’s a martial arts tournament that Saitama goes undercover with a silly wig and his general apathy continues to be a humorous punchline.  But his overall disconnect with the world around him continues to be a focus point of a hero that is over powered and literally has no formidable foe.

One Punch ManOn the other side of the coin is his disciple Genos continues to upgrade his cyborg side and works harder and harder to live up to the example of his indifferent master.  Not many recognize Saitama as a hero, but Genos is regarded as one of the most powerful in the hero association.  He struggles because he knows he is still an amateur next to his over powered master.  Genos and Saitama’s interludes provide several great moments of comic timing, but we also see how far Genos is pushing himself to live up to Saitama.

Garou is the main antagonist this season.  We become privy to his back story when we find out he’s been exiled from his dojo for killing several of it’s students.  He wants to bring down the Hero association and is studying all the hero’s in order to take them down.  He’s gathered his information from a hero “almanac” created by a young child who loves the heroes.  Given the title, “Human Monster” from the hero association Garou makes it his mission to live up to that title.

Meanwhile, because of Saitama’s destruction of the monster’s they’ve joined forces and started their own association.  They are organized, they are scared, but they are also angry.  This season they band together with big plans to take down the Hero Association.  They also spend a great deal of time trying to recruit Garou.  Much humor ensues.

Don’t Make Us Wait 4 Years

One Punch manThe conclusion doesn’t leave us exactly with a cliffhanger, but it is building towards a bigger story.  There’s unanswered questions and some developments for the future, but it’s still a satisfying ending.  Hopefully we don’t have to wait four more years till next season.  I predict we will see a lot more heroes from class “S” show up and some big reveals with Saitama.  No complaints from me this season of One Punch Man.  Not even the animation.  Magical Manga!

Now streaming on Hulu and star rating of 4/5 Stars

4 Stars

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