Why I Changed The Blog

You may be wondering why I changed the blog. I thought about addressing this later and just moving forward with the change.  But there are some of you that have been reading and supporting very loyally since I started this thing, so here’s the scoop on why I changed the blog.

What Has Happened?

I’ve been writing about movies, TV, games, books and nerdy things for going on twenty years.  In 2018 I knew I needed a creative outlet, but I wasn’t sure where to begin.  I was considering going back to my passion of writing science fiction novels or even getting back into the movie blogging game.   Writing movie reviews and Top Ten Lists was not an inspiring concept though.

Last year I was wrapped up in running and was lost in the way that it had changed my life again.  I thought:

“Maybe I can inspire or help other people starting out running or starting over again.”

My journey has been so incredible and changed my life on so many levels I wanted to filter all that positive energy into some other facet.  Maybe then it could be shared in the universe and all of those positive vibes would spread.  But….runners blogging isn’t really a large landscape on the internet and I knew it.  Social media platforms like Instagram is really the place for that kind of gig and my running stories have been well received there.  Meanwhile at Headertime I was putting in a lot of work and spare time.  But, with minimal feedback or interest.

The Change

To be clear, I didn’t give up because it wasn’t a “success”.  I am changing things because it was becoming less fulfilling.  Creating content was becoming difficult and my “Honor The Journey” tales were becoming long winded personal journal entries.  On some levels the catharsis was good, but I get that outlet running anyway.

I’m the type of person who is completely committed when I take something on.  It was difficult for me to accept that I didn’t want to move forward.  Quitting wasn’t an option.  I still needed an outlet, but I didn’t have one big plan or focus.  My focus and goal needed to be clear before I made the change.

What Do I Want

I just want to write.  About whatever strikes my fancy.  My commentary on pop culture, interest in the human condition, and still my running.  That doesn’t really go together naturally, but I’m doing it.  I’ll keep my Instagram as an outlet for my running, and I’ll keep updating the MILFcast with movie related goodies, and run “Accountability With Header” because I still believe in working together and supporting each other.


I will be bringing you a weekly review every Monday on a fun topic.  Maybe I’ll even give a report on what my cat has been up to for the week.  I plan on talking about video games, books, movies, running, random social commentary, and probably some of the shit I do from my unique perspective and just talking.

Where Do We Go From Here?

One thing hasn’t changed.  I’m going through a kind of awakening in my life right now and the reality junkie that I am is craving authenticity in everything I see an do.  The best way I can think of exploring that is by standing here and speaking loud and clear and letting my voice be heard.

So here I am….rambling on…..as I tend to do.

Stay tuned for the new things on the blog.  I hope you like them.

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