Honor The Journey: No Excuses

No excuses with hashtags galore.  We see it all over social media, in self help books, and talk about it all the time, but there is one thing we don’t talk about.  Crossing the threshold of wanting to make no excuses, to actually getting to the point where you are living that.  I’m not going to tell you how to get there, because in truth only you can do that.  I will tell you how I did and what it took me to get there.

My Excuses

I was FULL of excuses, and let me tell you…..they were legit.  I was a single mom, I waited tables at a bar and worked part time doing some contract work for a marketing company.  Meanwhile, I had two dragons that went to school two cities over and resulted in a 2.5 hour commute everyday, a car that barely ran, lived in a one bedroom apartment, with almost no help with babysitting and was struggling to pay the bills.  At nearly 30, it was not ideal.

In my early years I had my running Dad and running family that I ran with and they kept my accountability in check.  That was a huge help to my commitment, even with all those excuses because I couldn’t fathom letting them down.

26.2 Miles

Fast forward to now, two teenage dragons and a toddler little one.  I work remotely which is quite the task with a little human here all day, have a two hour commute each day with the two older ones, run my own website, still run the house and have the regular obligations of friends, family, and life in general.  It takes it’s toll.  I often don’t have “time” to workout or run.  But when you break it down, the truth is if I don’t, it’s because it’s not about time.  It’s because it’s not a priority anymore.  I’ve just gotten to a place with it where I’ve made it a non-negotiable.

Letting Go Of The Excuses

It is SO EASY to make excuses, because we live within the societal norm of being “so busy”. Talk to a person that doesn’t complain about being busy. Everyone is busy. What comes into play here is vigilance and commitment to your plan to diet, exercise, read more, dance more, sing more or climb a mountain. Very simply, it will not happen if you don’t commit.

If you want this and you are willing to put in the work then you are willing to MAKE time. You’ll stick to your goals when you’re sick, sore, tired, hungry or mad. In 2018 life threw me more curve-balls than it has in may years. The fact that I refused to give up on my running gave me the strength to power through all the tough times I faced. A few years ago a difficult incident could seem impossible to deal with.  Now I know I will face it and will deal with it. The obstacle has become finding a solution to handle it.

No Excuses

This is not easy.  If it was, everyone would just decide to go do the things they want, and be successful.  This means being accountable for yourself, and taking that responsibility.  You can’t help a person that doesn’t want to be helped.  An addict can’t quit something until they are ready to give it up forever.  You can’t change your life without going all in and be willing to do the work to get there. These aren’t just cliche’s, they are realities.  When you are finally being honest with yourself, you are taking the first step necessary to moving forward.

How Do You Change?

The difference between training consistently, eating healthier, maintaining a healthier life and finding peace and balance was letting go of my excuses.  Instead I look for solutions.  I’m always searching for a way to make things work instead of going, “That’s too complicated, I give up.”  It’s entirely changing the way you think, being intentional about your thoughts, and your mentality in general.

That takes time. Perseverance.  And self awareness.

For years I yo-yoed between being healthier and disciplined to letting my horrid inner monologue and depression rule me.  I am at my core the same person, but now that I’ve changed my way of thinking, I’m a much happier version of myself.

Getting Real

If you really want something in life you have to not only work for it, you have to fight.  Fight hard, and fight for yourself like no one else ever will.  Do it every single day and remember you are worth it.

Join me at “Accountability with Header” in a closed group to stay on track of whatever life goal it is you are working towards.

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