Honor The Journey: 15 Mile Run

My first 15 mile run in 2019 and my first big official marathon training run up the big ladder.  I had some anxiety over these miles the night before.  But then I reminded myself that not only had I done this before, but I was even stronger and more capable to manage it now.  So here I am, seasoned distance runner, even now still wrestling the looming sense of failure.  But I had a 15 mile run to do.  Nerves or not.

honor the journeyPre-Run Nesting

I followed my own rules and in an effort to manage the nerves I was feeling I began my pre-run nesting.  Plans had changed and I could have opted for a Sunday run, but I stuck with Saturday. I was ready.  15 miles and my first long run of marathon training.

Even with the flutters of the tummy a 15 mile run is not as intimidating as it used to be. I had a little more confidence knowing I’ve been down here several times before. Even so, it does feel daunting.  That’s my way of giving the miles respect.

15 miles laterSo, in respect I nested. I planned and while my night has gone far later than I had hoped I was still visualizing my course for the next day. I remained flexible and gave myself the grace of sleep.  I relaxed and embraced the challenge before me.  I understood the obstacles ahead, knew what I was asking my body to do, and realized my mind, body and soul were ultimately capable of achieving it.


I woke up the next morning and felt relaxed.  I don’t recommend my pre-morning run nutrition routine.  I almost never eat.  Occasionally, I might grab a bagel or granola bar, but I don’t like to eat before a long run.  I take my vitamins, drink some water, try to do a twosie if I can.  I headed out at 9, which worked to my advantage, because it was still only 43 degrees.

I Was Running


The weather was perfect.  I had some aches and was still tender from a fall earlier in the week and I wasn’t able to complete a BM at home, so I altered my route and headed to my brothers. I rocked my twosie ( though forgot to pause my tracker there) and my stomach bubbles stopped.  Suddenly, I felt great and was gliding.  From mile 5-12 I was enjoying my run as much as a person really can.

I meant to pop on social media and do a Live video, but I was embracing the music, the scenery, the peace of mind and the adrenaline. I was completely in the present.

“I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.”

The result was ending up with one of my fastest half marathon times plus 2.5 more miles.  My 15 mile run turned into 15.6 that was faster than most of my half Marathon times collectively, AND was my farthest run of the year.

15 miles later
I’m taking the wisdom I’ve gained and applying it now.  The next big run I have is 17 miles next month.  Because I have to keep my schedule flexible, it could either be 2 or 3 weeks, but now I’m looking forward to mapping out new courses and making adjustments for even more growth and improvement.

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