Running Tip: How To Finish A Race

We’ve talked a lot about prepping for a race, what to do during a race, and now we address another important part of the race,: “How To Finish A Race,”.  Is it really that important?  It’s one moment in a series of moments so why is it such a big deal?  It’s a big deal because it’s your moment of glory, the moment you’ve worked so hard for.  It’s where the clock stops, the camera’s click and you get to collect that bling.  It is a Tsunami of emotions.

Why Do It?

  • Memories – The last memory you have from a race is crossing the finish line.  As you are rushing towards it your body surges with adrenaline.  People are cheering you on and those moments last in your memory forever.
  • Speed – Practice speeding up the last half mile of your training runs and sprint to your finish on those.  Not only will that give you the gusto to cross the finish line in style, it will give you the bonus of a monster endurance kick.
  • Confidence Booster – Finishing fast, even if you walked the last mile of your run is a mood booster.  It will remind you that you are strong rather than what you didn’t do, and will motivate you to work harder next time to give that push at the end maybe a little longer and harder again.
  • The Photos – Duh!  We all love to go search our official race photos after a race has been completed.  Crossing the finish line looking strong and tough is the image you want to see when either your show your friends or for yourself to remind you that you can do hard things.


So when you see camera’s along the race wave or gives a thumbs up.  When you cross the finish line put all of your guts out there.  You worked hard enough that you earned the right to finish in style.


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