Running Tip: Planning A Healthy Dinner

As a mother of 3 boys (one with a food allergy), married to one and being a runner planning dinner, particularly a healthy one isn’t always an easy to-do.  Because my main focus is making sure everyone else’s needs are met, I often forget to meet my own.  Skipping breakfast or lunch is par for the course.  Nibbling at dinner then snacking before bed are the habits I’ve developed over the years and the results are not great.  I still struggle with it regularly, but what I have learned is even though I used to protest planning dinner ahead of time, it is both necessary and efficient.

The Tricks

Planning Dinner

Make A Shopping List -plan it ahead of time and this way you can always prepare your grocery shopping budget and you’ll know the ingredients you need for each meal.  Use a phone app to keep track of your list over the week.  It’s easily accessible and you won’t forget it at home!

Wing It – If planning before shopping isn’t your bag baby, then you still want to look in your Fridge, freezer, and pantry to make your weekly plans.

Prep-  If there is anything you can prep ahead of time do it and it will be that much easier on day of.

Time- I recommend weekly.  Do your shopping and prepping on either Saturday or Sunday morning.  Take a couple hours and do it all at once.  I actually find this to be oddly relaxing.

Mark It-  Write down the dinner plans on days of the calendar, virtual or otherwise.  It’s just another reminder what your goal is.

When you have the ingredients there, the plans made, and you’re on top of your shopping list it’s a lot easier to stay focused on making those healthy dinners for yourself and the family.  Long term it also saves you time with planning ahead.  Healthier life, more time to dream about unicorns?  I think so!

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