Running Tips: Journaling

Who doesn’t have a collection of unused journals?  I have multiple stacks of journals that are empty or filled with 2-3 pages of well intended entries that have been abandoned.  What is it that drives us to journal and what stops us from the follow through?

Red Light, Yellow Light, Red Light

What stops us from writing?  For me it was often a time management issue.  Taking the time to actually sit down and write down the words.  When we are all so accustomed to technology it seems a lot easier to use our phones, tablets or computers.  It’s true.  It is easier, but taking the time to write it out is more meaningful.  Sometimes not knowing what to say would halt forward progress.  I’d waste the time I intended to spend writing on thinking of what to say.

Jibba Jabba…..

So what exactly do you write?  Eventually I learned focusing and following a template would help keep it specific and relevant.  I began with a running journal and so far it is the one I’ve been most capable of holding myself accountable to.

I write down my distance, pace, time and calories and then I leave myself a note if I struggled, the conditions, and I always write something positive, even on the worst runs.  Especially on the worst runs.  It does me well to go back and compare runs, review how far I’ve come or see what I can do to improve, make changes, or keep doing.

Words Have Meaning

Why do it?  Our words have impact.  More than we know.  After a hard run, a rough day, or in our happiest moments of giddy and glory we may reveal some side of ourselves that we didn’t even know was there.  We can gain insight from ourselves without even intending on it.  I say commit and make it a non-negotiable and after six months go back and really read each entry.  You’ll be thankful you did it.

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