Running Tips: Make A Schedule

Make a running schedule!  It doesn’t matter what your life is like.  If you have all the time in the world or barely any availability a running schedule is a necessity.  There are a lot of reasons why.  Personally, I find it more difficult to stick to training if I am idle.  When I’m busy it’s a matter of “I have to do it now, this is the only opportunity I have so I’m getting it done.”  I don’t have the chance to talk myself out of it or make any deals.  Before making a running schedule take some personal things in consideration:

  • Are you training for a race or event?  Your schedule should reflect what you are training for.  You want a start and finish date.  Do your research and also consider your fitness base when starting and make your plan of action.
  • Weather.  If it’s summer and smoldering hot you’ll want to schedule longer runs very early in the morning.  If it’s winter and 10 degrees you’ll want to possibility run later in the day when it’s warmer.  Always consider and plan for rain, snow, humidity and extreme heat or cold.
  • Your availability.  If you have a rigid work and life schedule you’ll want your running schedule to be more flexible.  This is so you can adjust it to the other demanding factors in life.  If you have more wiggle room you may consider being more rigid about your schedule so you stay attached to it.  Run at the same times and same days every week.
  • Review your running plan every week or so and make adjustments according to your fitness level and what your goal ultimately is, and then reevaluate your overall plan and make adjustments to your schedule and your running plan as needed.  This way if you have an injury or get sick you can give yourself recovery time, but also a plan to get back on the schedule again immediately after, but with consideration that your fitness level will need time to recover.
  • Make sure your plan is plausible.  This means make a plan you can and will stick to.  Don’t schedule 4-5 days running and 20 miles a week if your life will only allow 2-3 days of running a week.  You want to set yourself up for success.  The second you feel like you are failing at your goals is a downward spiral that can lead to eventually giving up all together.

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