Running Tips: Wear Your Medal All Day

There are a lot of rules of running, but one remains true across all continents….on race day you’ve earned the right to wear your medal all day long.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a 5K or you had a terrible run, you still went out there and ran.  You earned that bling and you should celebrate it.  It’s the one day you get to say, “Look at what I did.”

Wear Your Medal

All of us runners are different in many ways.  We run at different speeds, for different reasons, and have different personalities, but on race day we are one in the same.  We have all met at the start line for the same reason: to run the race.  Our experiences during may be different and our satisfaction with our performance may not even be up to our expectations, but while other people are sleeping in their beds, or sitting at home we are putting ourselves literally on the line.

It is an achievement.  Whether we’ve hit the times we set for ourselves or any other goals we’ve tried.  We were there, we showed up and we went for it.  So brag.  Wear that bling with pride.  Tell everyone how you trained, tell everyone what a horrible race it was, but let the world know that today you did it.  You have this one day to walk with pride and pat yourself on the back till that medal goes home and gains dust with the rest of your heavy friends.

Ultimately runners are tough and they are harder on themselves than anyone else ever will be.  It’s a solitary sport even when you run with others.  Honestly, running is a form of punishment in other sports.  We are a special breed and should embrace ourselves and what we strive for now and again.  So wear your medal with pride all day after the race!

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