Eating Healthy During The Holidays

Eating healthy during the holidays?  Is that even a realistic goal?  Yes and no.  Realistic being the operative word here I think expectations versus reality aren’t really on the same page when we set our holiday diet plans and probably why most of us pork on 5-10 extra pounds while “dieting”. 

First of all, I hate the term “diet”.  Diets simply don’t work for me, because the term itself is a temporary measure to achieve a long term goal.  I’m not going to “diet” my entire life, but I do want to maintain a healthier lifestyle and that includes what I ingest.  When I started to get serious about my running again I made some changes to what I ate and drank.  Changes that may not have lost weight quickly or got me in a size 3, but over a long period of time I did drop twenty pounds and did hit size 7 and have stayed right here for about a year now.

Eating Healthy During The Holidays

I’ll probably gain a couple of pounds over the holiday months, but not 5 -10  lbs.  Yes, I indulge, but I also keep it reasonable.  I don’t change what my everyday health plan is.  I stick to it, and give myself a few allowances.  Here is what works for me:

  • Allow one small plate of appetizers at parties, gatherings or events.  Then stay away from the food table(s).
  • I let myself have one sweet treat a day.  This does not account for calories or size of the treat.  Some days it could be a whole pie, while others a fruit bar Popsicle.
  • I drink a glass of water before my dinner.  Or milk.  Or whatever works for you save pop.
  • I quit drinking alcohol 3 years ago, but even so I feel tempted to drink fancy punches, more pop than usual, and other delicious drink treats full of calories.  Set a rule for yourself.  Say, one can of pop, or a calorie limit on your booze intake.
  • Stick to your workout schedule, even though I know it’s hard this time of year.  It will help keep those extra calories off!
  • If you’re going to fill your plate up, make sure you put a lot of veggies on it and don’t go back for seconds.

Basically, if you have something that is/or has been working for you don’t change it up too much.  Allow for a little indulgence, just don’t jump off the bridge with it.  Be reasonable, but also don’t be too hard on yourself.  If you add an extra 5-10 then so be it, just keep working out and get back on your routine.  There’s enough stress to go around this season! Happy Christmas Holiday Whatever You Celebrate or Don’t Season everyone!

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