Weekly Running Tip: Write Down Your “Why”

When I first joined the running “community” the group of people I knew met once a week and one person would share their, “Why I Run”.  Some of these were weight loss goals, some were personal challenges, and some stories very personal.   Each was real motivation to each person.  My “Why I Run” has changed a lot over the years and I’ve realized that’s a great thing.  It means I’m evolving with the changes in my life.

I have my story posted here, but if you read it you’ll see it’s more of a reflection of the last year.  You could say this year was about redemption to myself.  I think my “Why I Run” will be different for 2019.  In fact this year it’s going to be more about raising the bar and setting challenges outside my comfort zone.  It actually is closer to my 2012 “Why I Run”. 

What’s The Point?

The point is, if it’s enough motivation to get you to the gym, to the pavement, or doing yoga at home it’s getting you to step out of your comfort zone and that means something.  Let it be your daily reminder to stay the course and keep on task.

  • Put a post it note with it at your desk at work.
  • Write it on the white board at home.
  • Make it your bio quote on social media.
  • Put it where you see it daily and say it out loud often.
  • Tell people about it.

Repeating it again and again will help motivate you to keep your focus and keep working toward your goals.  If your “Why” changes then adapt with it.

There is always something new to learn, and sometimes we need to relearn the lessons we have forgotten.  At the end of the day our “Why” is our cornerstone to get it done, so don’t ever stop thinking about it.


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