Movie Review: Prancer 1989

The LAMB or “The Large Association of Movie Blogs” is putting together a collaboration of bloggers and Cinephiles favorite Christmas films.  Each of us are representing our favorite film and fighting for it to the death……….or maybe just with our imaginary word swords on social media.


The film I selected the lesser known and underappreciated film “Prancer”.   It was released in 1989 when I was only a wee girl of 8 years old.  It touched my heart indefinitely.  The premise isn’t a cheery fun or whacky crazy magical adventure.  It features a young girl who has recently lost her mother and the family struggling to carry on.  In a bitter Midwest winter she finds a wounded reindeer she believes is the infamous “Prancer”.  She secretly nurses it back to health in a small shed on her father’s farm.  She is fueled by the hope that she can bring it back to health in time for Christmas.

I think the reason people pass on this film often is because it really does hit those “feels” spots.  However, that is exactly why it still resonates so strongly with me.  What really grounds the film is the heartfelt performances played by Rebecca Harrell Tickell who plays Jessica, the little girl and Sam Elliot who plays her grief stricken father.  The relationships between the family, the struggle of a great loss all under the burden of a harsh winter really does give the tale sense of tragedy, but Jessica’s urgent and constant belief in something more gives a sense of childhood hope that age and cynicism can crush.

When I watch this movie I still believe in Prancer, Santa and magic.  I still believe in hope and I definitely still believe in Sam Elliot and his mustache.  This is a beautiful family movie that shouldn’t be skipped over for the more obvious holiday choices.  Embrace your inner child and believe again.

Rating: 4.5/5

4.5 stars

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